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Chris Norby

The 1970s Hippie Trail: drugs, danger, and a magical pudding shop in Asia

This is a great summary of the Hippy Trail as I knew it. These photos, these  people came right out of my memory. Great references to Istanbul's  (still there) and Kathmandu's Freak Street (long gone) Pudding Shop.

The Hippie Trail: A History

The Hippie Trail: A History, by Sharif Gemie & Brian Ireland.


Gemie & Ireland have written a  great look back on The Trail, structured around some basic questions as  to who went, what they experiences and how it affected them. It was  published in Manchester (UK) last year and available on Amazon.

I used the alternate spelling "Hippy"  so my site and book can stand out. Both spellings are recognized in  Webster's and Hippy Tail searches automatically include "Hippie Trail"  references, so I'm getting the best of both worlds. Besides, it's fun to  have two spellings of this relatively recent but thoroughly dated  addition to our language, reflecting the spontaneous free-flow the word  itself (however it's spelled).


I look forward to more interaction with all who travelled The Trail and those preserving its memories--and lessons.